The overriding principles of Macdoff Logistics are integrity in our service delivery and transparency in all our proceeding and reporting to both client and relevant state bodies in charge of the industry.

Macdoff aspires to employ and train our staff to stand the test of time in the service industry. Communication is a key component and we would be encouraged at all levels to appreciate effective communication in the 3-key triangle of Company, Client and State bodies.

Macdoff will operate on the basis of ‘equal policy for every customer,’ our valued customers are the basis of which Macdoff was founded and indeed upon them would our Company achieve it objectives. We would continue to carve a niche by paying attention to the little details – knowing no two clients are the same.

Though we strive for new clients at Macdoff Logistics, our overriding aim is to


We are convinced that a new client comes through the existing ones. We have our own sales development programme in addition to which we follow up promptly on overseas leads. Ghana has good communications compared to other West African countries (landline phones work, email is good etc) and we place a high priority on giving fast replies.

We Ship Across the Globe

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